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What is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician?

There's a lot of buzz around how Chiropractic care can help athletes, and there should be! Did you know that EVERY team in the NFL offers Chiropractic care to their players? Chiropractic care is incredibly beneficial to athletes, allowing them to recover more quickly from injuries as well as learn how to prevent them. 

However, today we want to take the time to help specify the difference between sports care from a standard chiropractor vs. care from a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). Many patients don't realize there's a difference or even know that a chiro can become specialized in this way. 

CCSP's have an additional minimum of 100 hours of post doctoral education in specialized sports medicine topics. They must pass a national board examination and then continue to keep up on the latest in sports medicine through additional annual continuing education on top of the standard continuing education that all chiropractors must receive to maintain their licensure in Michigan. 

As one of the CCSP's, and an athlete himself, Dr. Brian is passionate about caring for athletes- as well as more able to address your specific sports needs! Help your young athlete age with minimal injuries, or help yourself manage the years of wear and tear sports have added to your body. 

Just to drive it home, here are "10 Things You Should Know About CCSP's" from


1. Possess specialized knowledge of sports injuries and physical fitness.

2. Are experts in the function of the body during movement, from high-level athletics to everyday activities.

3. Can help optimize athletic performance by applying an advanced understanding of musculoskeletal function and performance enhancement. 

4. Offer individualized care that extends beyond spinal adjustment to include direct treatment of muscles, joints and connective tissues. 

5. Focus on total body wellness and reaching optimal functioning, not just reducing pain.

6. Are immersed in the latest sports medicine research, trends and treatment techniques.

7. Can integrate seamlessly with other healthcare practitioners to optimize your medical care.

8. Are passionate proponents of physical fitness and skilled sports medicine practitioners.

9. Will help you achieve YOUR peak performance with a breadth and depth of knowledge found only with their specific training.

10. Comprise the top tier of the chiropractic profession. 

Resolving to get Chiropractic care from a CCSP is a great way to ensure that you're receiving the best of the best! Dr. Brian is able to care for the youngest to the oldest in your family- athlete or not- with a standard of excellence and personalized attention. We hope to see you in our office soon!