Success Stories

We love our patients and our patients love us!


-Teresa M. (Patient since 2005)

"He does an excellent job. I first saw him for an adjustment when I was five months pregnant in 2006 with pregnancy / fibromyalgia pain that couldn't be helped any other way! That was eleven years ago."

-Chantal H. (Patient since 2006)

"Charlotte broke her clavicle aka (collar bone) just being a kid, playing in the yard. This was a very terrifying experience for a mother who had also broke hers as a young adult. I remember vividly the pain involved with this sort of broken bone. There is very little they can do except place you in a brace for 6 weeks.

Off to Helen DeVos Chidren’s Hospital we went. We waited for an x-ray. Let me also note that we are extremely lucky to have an amazing children’s hospital in our back yard. Results came back that yes it was in fact broken and especially badly. They instructed us to phone Orthopedic Surgeons the very next day for a follow up. Charlotte was put on some pretty intense medication for the pain. The level of vicodin in it made her itch pretty considerably. That first night was really rough.

The next morning Charlotte woke up thinking she was going to be well again (to be 6 years old again). She was angry, frustrated and in pain. My friend from Tennessee contacted me that morning and told me that when she broke her ribs she couldn’t handle the pain. She then told me she had a treatment called PMT and the pain almost immediately subsided after just one treatment. I thought why not try it. My friend googled Grand Rapids and there were only two chiropractors that had this expensive piece of machinery. Dr. Schneider was one of them. I called almost immediately and scheduled her for that afternoon. Mind you we are only 24 hours after the accident.

Charlotte walked into the office and everyone knew her name :-) and they were all so warm to us. She tried a very low dose, and we pushed her as much as we could by talking and playing with her. That night was a HUGE improvement. The grief was lifted from her face and she was in such a great mood.

We went back two days later. She took her three, 3 minute intervals of treatment like a BOSS! Again she was very tired after the treatment but woke up after a nap feeling so much better. She had huge mobility and could grasp her hands together and pull up her pants.

Charlotte is doing so amazing and I feel it was a result of the PMT treatments that Schneider Chiropractic offered my child. As a mother you will do just about anything to relieve your child from intense pain. We are both so glad we found them as a resource and got her treatment early on. Thank You!

- Jenny S., Charlotte's mother , Patient since 2014

"My name is Brenda. I have been seeing Dr. Brian since before he had Schneider Family Chiropractic. He happened to be starting his career at the place I crawled into when I was desperate for help. I had tried everything from traction to therapy to help the pain in my back. I wasn't sleeping or sitting much at all. Three months after beginning my care with Dr. Brian I was not only pain free but I understood the reason for my pain in the first place. I still deal with the back issues, but thanks to Dr. Brian, I don't need to deal with pain anymore! His friendliness and honesty keep me coming for regular adjustments. I would, and have, recommended him to anyone. He really is the best."

-Brenda H. (Patient Since 2001)

"My name is Katy, and I am a 12-year old student of North Rockford Middle School. I'm writing this to you today to tell you how much I enjoy your chiropractic services, and to compliment you on your business. I've been a customer of Schneider Family Chiropractic for several years now, and I always go home after a massage and adjustment feeling the best I have all week. Not to mention that while I wait for my mom to finish her appointment, I get the chance to chill out and relax in your super-comfy massage chairs. Whenever I enter your building I'm always greeted warmly and immediately by your friendly, expert staff. It really makes me feel at home. I also enjoy entertaining myself with your tropical fish tank as I wait my turn for a massage. Schneider Family's massage therapists always do a wonderful job. It all makes out for a pleasant visit, and I'm glad to say that I'm impressed. I want to thank you for your excellent services and let you know that I'm a proud customer of Schneider Family Chiropractic."

-Katy M. (Patient Since 2007)