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Three Ways to Beat DST Drowsiness

It's that time of year again! Yesterday Daylight Saving Time began again and we set our clocks one hour ahead. If you're anything like most Americans, even if you love the extra evening hour of daylight, you may be feeling some fatigue today. Did you know that DST is responsible for an increase in fatal car accidents (1) due to lighting change, and more importantly, loss of sleep? We want our patients to have healthy, energetic transitions - so we've rounded up three ways to help you beat that sluggish feeling.

1. Get moderate exercise (2)

Certain forms of exercise can help you have MORE energy. Moderate aerobic exercise- such as a 10 to 15 minute walk helps fire up your mitochondria and actually PRODUCE energy for the body! Other exercises to consider include yoga and pilates. These are all low to moderate intensity types of workouts. This isn't a great tip just for DST, but also for anytime you're feeling sluggish. Try taking a quick 10-15 minute walk around your office mid-day to give yourself the perfect afternoon boost. 

2. Get to sleep on time (3)

Certain supplements (such as Magnesium, Kava Forte or Min-tran) may help you re-set your sleep schedule. Once we begin DST, you're asking your body to fall asleep one hour earlier than usual, while then rising one hour earlier than usual in the morning as well. This affects your circadian rhythm and you may find you have a hard time falling asleep at night. We carry all of these supplements in stock- ask us what may be helpful for you.

3. Get adjusted (4)

Adjustments are a great tool! As previously mentioned, DST affects our circadian rhythm which is responsible for influencing sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, and body temperature amongst other bodily functions. A chiropractic adjustment opens up your nervous system and positively impacts each fore-mentioned area. 

Hopefully these tips will help you transition into the time change with ease. We are just a couple short weeks away from Spring and all of the beauty that brings in Michigan! We want you to be able to enjoy every bit of this season.